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Hello, I am Michael Naemsch and this is my art.

Why do I paint? I love to paint the things that I believe are beautiful. I want my paintings to vibrate and resonate in your home. I use all the media types of oils, watercolour and pastel. Nearly all of my art is created from detailed drawings either from on-site or from my photographs. These drawings detail the lights and darks which I will use in my paintings. I transfer the drawings by way of a grid or carbon paper. As a result, my art tends to be hard edged with vibrant colors.

In my Barbados studio, I recreate stellar historical moments of the 1900’s, such as the Careenage, pottery, and donkey carts. I like to capture people at work and play and these paintings help many people to relive a past culture. My present-day Barbados scenes celebrate key places and the genial good humour of Barbadians. My art of Barbados is primarily painted with watercolors with which I love to work because of the high level of skill required.

While in Canada, my art focuses on cityscapes like the City of Toronto. I also paint the Northern Ontario scenic countryside of barns and the harbours of small towns like Southampton.

My annual European travels to the French Rivera allow me to focus my art on the sunny colours of Nice and Villefranche, France and Florence, Italy. While my Paris paintings capture the relaxing bistro life of Parisians.

My Jazz art captures Jazz Greats during their special moments whether they are performing or taking a relaxing break. Dexter Gordon, my favorite Jazz artist is captured taking a break during a performance. You will find Milt Hinton and Ossie Johnson lugging their drums and bass in New York. Diana Krall is caught in a gentle mood while performing on her piano.

My Jazz paintings are painted in oil colours of blue, yellow and orange which set the musical mood and invite you to look at their expressions as you listen to Jazz. These colours reflect the lessons learned about "Glowing Oils" from Doug Purdon, a Winsor-Newton Colour Specialist.

My Jazz Greats are painted from celebrated photographers such as Herman Leonard, Chuck Stewart, Lee Tanner and Bill King.

My work on Nude art features a Modigliani style of vibrant oranges, reds and greens. They portray reflectiveness and human warmth.

I am also a photographer. For me, photography is an art form. Most of my paintings are based on beautiful photographs which capture special moments in time. I recreate these special moments in my paintings. My photographs also reflect the places I live and visit.

Some of my work has been commissioned paintings for large corporations such as Scotiabank, Encana Corporation, Bank Breweries, First Caribbean International Bank, Mount Gay/Remy Cointreau and Biovale Corporation. In 2007, Scotiabank commissioned an 8ft x 20ft mural for World Cup Cricket which was held in the Caribbean. The mural and reproductions hang on the walls of many Caribbean island institutions.

Thank you for visiting my website.